Event Support

Much of your business is marketed through road shows, training workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.


But with limited responses to your direct mail or email shots, how can you attract more delegates and visitors?


Everyone knows that the success of an event is greatly enhanced by what you do as preparation before and follow up after the day - but so many companies miss out because they don't have the resource. Our structured approach to enhancing event numbers is simple and effective

  • Invite
  • Confirm attendance
  • Follow up afterwards


To enhance the effectiveness of this approach, Carole Burnell makes a point of:

  • Understanding your business and product offerings
  • Gathering and reporting invaluable market information
  • Trying different approaches to different levels of client
  • Contacting delegates just before to confirm attendance
  • Asking technical questions to tailor events around attendees
  • Following up after the event

We are also adept at securing confirmations from difficult-to-contact individuals and senior directors of large corporations.


Successful results include

  • Events closely tailored to attendees’ needs
  • Increased delegate attendance, including more high-caliber individuals
  • Improved conversion rates after an event
  • Field sales force freed up to schedule new visits

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