Qualified Lead Generation

Although the value of these leads can be completely different than those generated from appointment setting or inbound marketing, qualified leads meet a certain criteria set by our clients. 

  • Qualified leads must meet certain criteria
  • Leads are harvested through inbound and outbound practices
  • Performance levels are set by you and what is required for lead acceptance

Pay For Performance

As with all offerings from Carole Burnell, our qualified lead generation service is offered in a pay-for-performance structure.  From our experience, our clients are ultimately satisfied when they receive exactly what they are paying for. 

Qualified Lead Examples

The criteria of a qualified lead could be specific and measured, or they could be varied and subjective.  Some examples:

  • Companies with revenues of £10M and higher 
  • The prospect is responsible for software development
  • The company is a B2B / B2C  company
  • The prospect currently engages a competitor
  • Development methodologies include web services
  • The discussion went beyond the intro pitch
  • The discussion led to the prospect asking for a whitepaper

We would like to hear from you about your B2B telemarketing needs. Please contact us directly to enquire about how to set up a fixed fee pilot tailored to your requirements or any of our business services. 



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